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Self studying Korean

I was wrong about “Korean word of the day”

There are many Korean Tumblr blogs (I'm on Tumblr too!), Twitter accounts, apps and widgets, even e-mail lists, which present learners with one Korean word of the day. The idea is simple: you subscribe or follow them, each day they publish one Korean word with translation, and you learn it. I don't think there's anything particularly… Continue reading I was wrong about “Korean word of the day”

Person holding Korean textbook in bed
Self studying Korean

Learning Korean on my own -The Beginning

This is the beginning. Not the beginning of my Korean learning journey, but the beginning of trying to chronicle it and share my triumphs and defeats. Many many defeats. This is a Korean self study blog with a twist. The twist? I can never sit down at a desk to study. Let me explain. I… Continue reading Learning Korean on my own -The Beginning