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“Sungkyun Korean 1” Textbook First Impression

This is my first impression of 288 page Korean language textbook Sungkyun Korean 1 Vocabulary • Grammar which, as I mentioned in the previous post, I ordered for the most ridiculous reason. After I have used it for a while I will write a full review. UPDATE: I am finished with the textbook and have… Continue reading “Sungkyun Korean 1” Textbook First Impression

How to learn Korean pronunciation
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How to learn correct Korean pronunciation with these 3 tools

To learn correct Korean pronunciation: Learn the basic rules of Korean pronunciation (e.g. from a textbook that focuses just on pronunciation) Use Naver to learn the pronunciation of specific words (those which are not covered by basic rules) Use Korean Standard Pronunciation Converter to check the pronunciation of longer strings of Korean words and even whole… Continue reading How to learn correct Korean pronunciation with these 3 tools

Korean morning glory mini notepad for vocabulary
Self studying Korean

I was wrong about “Korean word of the day”

There are many Korean Tumblr blogs (I'm on Tumblr too!), Twitter accounts, apps and widgets, even e-mail lists, which present learners with one Korean word of the day. The idea is simple: you subscribe or follow them, each day they publish one Korean word with translation, and you learn it. I don't think there's anything particularly… Continue reading I was wrong about “Korean word of the day”