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Trying and failing ☆ Update #3 May 2019

Exactly 4 months ago I wrote my second Korean learning update:

Suprising results with another Korean beginner textbook ☆ My progress update #2 January 2019

A lot has happened between 1st of January 2019 and today, 1st of May 2019.

I finished the last few pages of Sungkyun Korean 1. I started using Ewha textbooks. I stopped using Ewha textbooks….

But what had the biggest impact is that for more than two months now I’ve been horrifically ill. I don’t know why but my illness got worse.

That’s the reason I haven’t been posting anything, neither here nor on Tumblr or Twitter.

That’s the reason why I couldn’t even look at a Korean textbook, let alone learn something from it.

That’s the reason why it took me almost 3 weeks to solve just two parts of one mock TOPIK paper and why, instead of the usual 4 vocabulary tests I take and average them out, I only managed one.

It’s also the reason why I’m struggling to write this, so I’ll get straight to the point.

After taking mock TOPIK exam and Korean vocabulary tests, these are my current results:

#3 – May 2019

Area Current status
TOPIK Beginner Vocabulary and Grammar
(초급 • 어휘 및 문법)
TOPIK Beginner Reading
(초급 • 읽기)
Vocabulary size 2300 words


I did The 31st Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK for short) for beginners from TOPIK guide site.

From my review of sites that estimate the size of person’s Korean vocabulary I took only one of the tests (but kept the usual sample size of 250 words) and solved it only once, so I am a bit sceptical of the increase from the last time.

I still need to write Ewha review and then continue studying from the new textbook I got – Practical Korean 1 – until the next update.

Hopefully next time, 4 months from now, I will write one of these with more Korean knowledge and less unexplained chills and fevers.

3 thoughts on “Trying and failing ☆ Update #3 May 2019”

  1. Your blog is super informative and very inspiring. The DIY book holder idea is brilliant.

    Anyways, prayers and best wishes for your recovery!

  2. Hi Luna, just found your blog because I was looking for a review on the korean textbooks I wanted to buy. It’s been a while since you’ve updated here.. I hope you’re doing well ! I love your blogs, they’re very informative and inspiring! :)

  3. Just found your blog by recommendation. It’s great, I love your writing style! Hope your condition will get better and we will see more posts soon ~

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