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Learning Korean with webtoon “July Found by Chance” (어쩌다 발견한 7월)

For the first time in my life I tried to read a webtoon in Korean – a language I barely know – as I am too impatient to wait for the translation and too sick to work on my textbook right now. As I went through it I wrote down Korean vocabulary and grammar and decided to share it here, in case anyone would like to join me in the struggle of reading it in Korean.

It is called July Found by Chance (어쩌다 발견한 7월) (<- this is raw Korean version) published by Daum and made by my favorite webtoon author (만화가) known as muryu (무류).

It is beautifully drawn, and has an exciting plot and a type of humor I really enjoy. I decided to try to read it even though I don’t understand 90% of what’s being said (95%?).

I’m not leaving anything for later. I’ve learned my lesson last time. (Refer to my previous post to understand my favorite-webtoon debacle.)

Webtoon July Found by Chance 어쩌다 발견한 7월 by muryu 무류 with Korean words for studying

July Found by Chance is a relatively easy webtoon to learn Korean with.

Granted, it’s a regular webtoon written for native speakers – not for Korean language learners, and since the beginning is quite mysterious it takes an episode or two to figure out what’s going on, but other than that it uses quite simple language.

It is set in high school so characters use short and simple sentences. Much shorter than in my beloved historical webtoon that caused the aforementioned debacle, anyway.

While it’s not technically a Korean comic for beginners, I am a beginner and that’s not stopping me. At the very least it doesn’t have long convoluted monologues by court officials emulating historical Korean speech, like a certain other webtoon. (Yep, you guessed it, refer to my previous post about the debacle.)

Another good thing about using this particular webtoon to learn Korean is that it has fantastic re-readability. When I went through it the second time I was able to notice certain details that were meaningless in the first read-through. “Ah, that’s when it started! Of course,” “There they are in the background, finishing their conversation. That’s why the jump happened.

It makes repeat reading equally enjoyable as the first and, after all, repetition is the mother of learning.

To get right to the main point – Korean grammar and vocabulary from the webtoon – I left talking about how much reading this webtoon improved my Korean for the end, as well as explaining why I approached it differently than I do other sources for learning Korean, so scroll to the bottom of this post for a few final thoughts.

I wrote down only those Korean words or sentences I don’t understand and either

  • find interesting enough,
  • important enough for the plot, or
  • if I feel like I can aaaaalmost understand them and need just a bit of help.

I will not talk about the plot but you might be able to guess certain plot point from sentences I translate, so: Spoiler alert!

If you notice any mistakes let me know (….please help me!). Three question marks “???” signify that I doubt my translation, or that I have no clue how to translate it at all.

I also included pronunciation in square brackets “[]” only for the words I was uncertain about. If you need more help with pronunciation refer to 3 Korean pronunciation tools.

Let’s get into webtoon’s vocabulary and grammar.

Here is Korean -> English translation as I read through the webtoon:

Title of the webtoon:

어쩌다 발견한 7월
July Found by Chance / I Found It in July

(↳this is not my translation, these are the titles I found it under)

accidentally, by chance
Note: This word looks like a verb or an adjective but doesn’t act like either. What’s up with that?

to discover, stumble on, locate


Season 1


보잘것없다 [보잘꺼덥따] or 보잘 것 없다
worthless, pathetic, meager
Note: More literally: not worth seeing. Refer to the picture above, from the webtoon.

내가 너를 찾을게-
I will find you…

다음주, 그들의 이야기가 펼쳐집니다.
Next week, their story unfolds.

unfold, open, spread (out)

–아/어 지–
Changes active to passive construction, when it’s attached to a transitive verb.
Note: 펼치다 -> 펼치 + –아/어 지– + ㅂ니다 -> 펼쳐집니다.
이야기를 펼칩니다 = He/she/it unfolds the story.
이야기가 펼쳐집니다 = The story unfolds.

Episode 1: Trivial problem 1
1화 사소한 문제 1

사소하다 (Hanja: 些少―)
trivial, minor, insignificant, unimportant
Note: Interestingly, Naver dictionary in Korean gives this definition of that verb: 보잘것없이 작거나 적다. That 보잘것없이 again.

to push, nudge, shove
Note: I just noticed that the word 밀당 (push-pull, subtle psychological game in a romantic relationship) comes from 다 (to push, nudge, shove) + 기다 (to pull, draw, tug, yank)

indicates that the preceding action was done to completion

그렇게 계속 의심하면 여기서 널 밀어버릴 수도 있어.
If you keep doubting me like that, I could push you off here.

Learning Korean vocabulary grammar with webtoon manhwa July found by chance

신사 (Hanja: 紳士)

숙녀 (Hanja: 淑女)

because, so (speaker gives reason for, and regrets, something not happening)

an act, doing

짓을 할 수는 없지
I can’t do that, can I?

떨어트리다 = 떨어뜨리다
to drop

소중하다 (Hanja: 所重―)
to be precious, valuable, dear
Note: This word occurs frequently throughout this webtoon


호흡 (Hanja: 呼吸)
breathing, respiration

심박 (Hanja: 深博)
Note: This word occurs frequently in this webtoon

통증 (Hanja; 痛症)
pain, ache

정상 / 비정상
normal, regular / abnormal, irregular

최근 나에겐 사소한 문제가 몇 가지 생겼다.
I’ve had a few minor problems lately.

첫 뻔재 문제-
First problem:

기억이 사라진다.
Memory disappears.

자각하다 (Hanja: 自覺–)
to realize, awake to

일주일 전
a week ago

기말고사 (Hanja: 期末考査)
finals, final exams

Eun Danoh
Note: Name of the main female character.

전혀 (Hanja: 全―)
completely, entirely; not at all, not a bit

전혀 기억이 없는데?
No memory at all?

안 비켜?!
Can’t you move!?

그게 시작이었다.
That was the beginning.
How to say That was the beginning in Korean 그게 시작이었다. English translation

to gather up, bring in; to collect, gather;
Also: to walk

뭐가 어떻게 돌아가고 있는거야?
What’s going on?
Note: ??? I don’t understand why this sentence means “What’s going on?” in Korean. I can only understand it as “What how is returning?” 

상황 (Hanja: 狀況)
situation, conditions, circumstances

파악 (Hanja: 把握)
grasp, understanding

상황 파악이 전혀 안되네.
I don’t understand the situation at all.
Note: I don’t know the ending -네 or how it changes the meaning of the sentence.

in the middle of something complicated happening

to be exhausted, be fatigued

피로 (Hanja: 疲勞)
tiredness, exhaustion

쌓이다 [싸이다]
to accumulate, pile up

피로가 쌓이다
to become more and more fatigued

분명 (Hanja: 分明)
clearly, plainly, obviously
Note: This word occurs frequently in this webtoon.

??? Sense of time, the time your body feels passed 

순식간 [순식깐] (Hanja: 瞬息間)
a moment

건망증 [건망쯩] (Hanja: 健忘症)

상실 (Hanja: 喪失)

연관 (Hanja: 聯關)
relation between, connection with

검색어 (Hanja: 檢索語)
search word
Note: Seems like a useful word when using Korean search engines.

Juda Yeo
Note: Name of a female character.

Joohwa Lee
Note: Name of a male character, who is a doctor.

Note: Seems like Korean texting slang.

-ㄴ 것 같아요
-it seems as though
Note: This appears to be a very common Korean sentence ending, I’d better learn it as soon as I have the brain power.

의학 (Hanja: 醫學)
medicine, medical science
Note: To remember this Korean word easier I think of doctor 의사 and school 학교. What do doctors 의 learn in school 학? 의학.

의견 (Hanja: 意見)
opinion, view

방금 (Hanja: 方今)
just now, a moment ago

질색 [질쌕] (Hanja: 窒塞)
hate, detest

딱 질색이야.
I hate it/you.

환각 (Hanja: 幻覺)

Not likely…/No way…/Give me a break…

정신 분열
Note: lit. mind split.

Note: Character’s name. Blond guy with annoying face.

others, other people

욕먹 [용먹] (Hanja: 辱-)
??? blame, criticism

나와서 체해.
??? Show up and pull yourself together.

상관없다 [상과넙따] (Hanja: 相關–)
to not care, to not matter, to have nothing to do with

묘함 기시감 같은
strange déjá vu-like


to be painfully boring


irritation, annoyance

Episode 2: Trivial problem 2
2화 사소한 문제 2

to be dumped, broken up with ; to be hit, kicked

??? short for 이놈아 (you scoundrel, dude)

초능력 [초능녁] (Hanja: 超能力)
Note: 능력 means “ability”.

충격 (Hanja: 衝擊)

심박수 (Hanja: 心博數)
heart rate

눌러 주세요.
Please press (push).
Note: Sign on the doors. Might be useful for anyone having to deal with Korean doors.

to press, push

romance comic

아파도 참아 세 컷이면 나을테니까.
??? Even if it hurts, three cuts will do.

나의 소중한 일주일도 사라졌다.
My precious week has disappeared.

Korean webtoon quote.jpg

이제부터는 어쩌지?
What do I/we do now?

인생의 경험치가 너무 낮아
I am inexperienced. (lit. Life experience is too low.)

이거 놔 ( from 놓다)
Let go of me

Dohwa Lee
Note: Name of a male character, who is a second lead.

주인공 (Hanja: 主人公)
main character, protagonist, hero, heroine

??? I couldn’t find this one anywhere, but from the context of their conversation I am guessing this is short for 남자 (male) + 조연 (Hanja: 助演) (supporting role), so second male lead.

자신의 삶이 다른 누군가를 위해 존재할 거라고는 생각하지 않는데.
??? I don’t think his life’s gonna exist for anyone else.

실망하고 있어.
I’m disappointed.

그래도 포기하지 마. 이건 진심이야.
But don’t give up. I mean it./It’s the truth.

무엇을 해야 하는지 어느 하나 기억하지 못 했다.
??? I can’t remember one thing I was intending to do.

even worse

attendance number

도망치다 (Hanja: 逃亡–)
escape, run away

get out (of), break away (from)

악몽 (Hanja: 惡夢)

도망칠 수도 벗어날 수도 없는 이 악몽 속에서 무엇보다 두려웠던 건 아무도 내게 말을 걸지 않는다는 것.

suddenly, unexpectedly

허락하다 (Hanja: 許諾–)
to permit, consent, approve

날 알아봐 주는 건 너 뿐인데.
You’re the only one who recognizes me.

to become aware of, be conscious of, suspect

체육관 (Hanja: 體育館) [체육꽌]

한없이 (Hanja: 限–)
endlessly, infinitely

선명하다 (Hanja: 鮮明–)
clear, distinct, vivid

약혼 (Hanja: 約婚)
engagement, be engaged

이런 내가 널 좋아해도 될까?


That’s it for now. I will add more as I go through it again.

Update February 2, 2019

Season 2

Episode 1: A stroll
시즌2 1화 산책

단역 (Hanja: 端役)
minor role,  an extra

시한부 (Hanja: 時限附)
limited in time (such as terminally ill)

This is actually not how I would learn Korean from a webtoon. It was never my intention to. All I wanted is to read through it and understand the story as much as possible, so my approach to it has been vastly different than what I normally do.

I have too many other Korean sources from which I’m doing structured studying anyway.

All of these take months. This was the first time I just tried reading through a webtoon, nothing more. In all honesty, I didn’t expect to learn much, if anything.

My predictions were right. I probably didn’t memorize a single new word.

But something unexpected happened!

Usually, if I’m not actively studying Korean, when I come across a large chunk of Korean text my eyes just glaze over. I know for certain that I won’t understand it, and slowly reading syllable by syllable to check if I can pick out a few words I do understand is just too exhausting for me.

하.지.만 after just three days of forcing myself to read every single word from this webtoon and trying to understand it I could inexplicably scan large chunks of Korean text easily and pick out the words I know at a glance.

I really didn’t expect to see any improvement let alone such a drastic one. I wonder if it’s temporary or if it will last.

So despite not forcing myself to memorize Korean webtoon vocabulary something good did come out of it.

If you would rather read July Found by Chance (어쩌다 발견한 7월) webtoon in an app than on Daum Webtoon site, Daum has webtoon apps for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, unlike Naver, it doesn’t have English version of its app.

27 thoughts on “Learning Korean with webtoon “July Found by Chance” (어쩌다 발견한 7월)”

  1. Hii.. How can I get the webtoon? I really want to read it, but they only let me read the first 6 chapters and having to pay the next chapter forward, but they don’t seem to accept international payment :( Any chance you can share it with us? :((

    1. Omg, it took me sooo long. But I did it concurrently with reading the webtoon so at least it was fun. I figured as long as I’m looking up definitions for myself I might as well share it with others, but I did not realize how much work it would be :)

  2. Omg! I am also obsessed with this webtoon, I can’t understand any of it but the pictures give me life haha I wanted to buy the newer episodes but because i’m not in Korea I can’t :(( Foreign readers have it tougghhh. Also its really cool that you’re trying to learn by using webtoons, I’ve tried too, but ultimately I started just using the google translate app because i got too impatient. if you can talk about other episodes that would be cool and good luck !

        1. Yay for you! 2000 words! I hope to be like you soon haha. :D This webtoon is fun to read even with a limited word knowledge-like me. :D Random question..how do you keep track of how many words you know? :)

          1. Sorry for the late reply, took a break from studying to focu on uni and didn’t check wordpress. I used to add my words to Memrise, which keeps track of how many words you’ve added. I’ve since moved to Quizlet since I’m unsure of Memrise’s sustainability and Anki is too difficult to use.

          1. I took a break from studying but will focus on reading once uni lets out. Plan on finishing Yonsei reading 2 this summer and try to read some webtoons and will see if this one is doable or not! Will let you know how it went :)

  3. Yay! I’m so glad to discover this webtoon. Thank you for writing this post. :)
    So far I have read the Prologue and Chapters 1-2…and it promises to be an interesting read. :) I like the repetition of certain phrases in this one..like the words surrounding 기억..which funny enough was a word I kept forgetting haha.

  4. That is a brilliant idea!
    And I will have to check some of your other sites that you use. Memrise. I hear about it but I haven’t really delved into yet.

    But seriously, I love this idea. I really need to find one that I need to do this with. XD Maybe even share on my own blog! (If you don’t mind me using this idea.)

  5. I don’t think you should force yourself to memorize vocabulary anyway. it’s just not efficient.

  6. do you prefer daum web comics over naver web comics?? Only webtoon i’ve tried reading was 내 ID는 강남미인! (gangnam beauty) because it sounded interesting but then it turned into a boring, regular comedy/romance so I stopped reading it in the middle of the 2nd “episode.”

    1. I have no preference. If a webtoon is good I will read it regardless of site it was published on.

      The only advantage of Naver is that they have official translations to English and I can’t read webtoons in Korean yet, as evident from the post above :)

  7. Isn’t that so interesting about forcing yourself to read consistently and for a long time? I suffered just like you…those huge blocks of text are so intimidating! But after reading a lot of webtoons in Korean, even when my comprehension level was nowhere near “high enough”, I decided that the benefit of forcing myself to read far outweighed the initial struggle. And even though I didn’t properly memorize words most of the time, they started popping up in my everyday usage, and I wouldn’t even be sure when/where I learned them! Great post! Enjoy your webtoon time~^^

    1. Thanks! I do feel that I should have been more patient and waited for my comprehension level to be higher so I can actually pick up some words along the way like you did, but I’ve been unable to grab a textbook and study Korean for over a month which has been frustrating, and I was so impatient to read it that I just powered through it by sheer force of will.

      I guess it turned out ok in the end :)

      1. Indeed! I’d say you powered through it quite splendidly :) What an awesome and detailed post! I’ve been doing this style of webtoon reading for about 1.5 years now, so that’s partly why extra phrases have *finally* found their way into my brain without memorizing! But I still stand by the active memorization and Memrise-type tactics like you mentioned. Those are invaluable! And so is finding a good webtoon to sink your teeth into :)

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