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My favorite webtoon and my misery

You see, I was reading my favorite webtoon[1] of all time, Twelfth Night (십이야), slowly savouring every scene, resisting the urge to binge-read the whole thing in one day, prolonging the experience, enjoying the details, reading only a few episodes per day, when I woke up one morning and… 

…it was gone!

I. Kid. You. Not. English translation publisher Spottoon lost the licence just as I was smack in the middle of the story.

It’s a “temporary” suspension, they said, as they renegotiate the licences for more than 30 webtoons they lost. I didn’t believe it was temporary then, and I don’t believe it’s temporary now, 6 months later.

Spottoon suspension of service for webtoons

Twelfth Night (십이야), sometimes translated as Twelve Nights, is one of the most exciting webtoons I have ever read, with unexpected twists and turns at every corner. It is also the most beautifully drawn webtoon I have ever seen, and I’ve seen many.

I had to keep reading it. I had to.

Hwi Lee Crown prince JinYeon JinYon painter Hong Twelfth Night Muryu 이휘 진연세자 눈 십이야 무류

For months I scoured the dark corners of the internet, looking for alternate English translation, looking for someone else to pick up the licence, but nope, nothing.

I finally relented and decided that no matter how bad my knowledge of Korean was it was better than not reading it at all. I prepared to slog through Korean account creation and went to read Twelfth Night on Daum in Korean.

But lo and behold, unlike the English version, Korean version wasn’t free.


I really wanted to read it, I only needed the second half as I have read the first, episodes in Korean are fairly cheap, and I should support my favorite author with more than just views and likes anyway. I can pay.

Except, I can’t.

Because Daum requires Korean identification or something called iPin which only those foreigners who are living in Korea can get, and the rest of us…

Just take my money, please!?

I was defeated.

No! Do you think little details such as the translation disappearing from the face of the Earth, and me not being able to understand Korean, and Korean version being inaccessible to me and everyone I know…… would stop me!?

Think again.

I found out, don’t ask me how because I can’t remember, that the author muryu (무류) has her blog on Daum.


Not has, had. It’s gone. The blog is gone.

Ok, now what? No matter, I found her new blog, on Naver.

Couldn’t understand a thing, but Naver dictionary, Google Translate and I got through it and there I found out that her webtoon got published in printed format.

Real Korean Manhwa[2] printed on paper!

Not good for the planet but, hey, no login required to open a book.

Anyway, in the end I bought it.

Twelve Nights 6 printed manhwa book Twelfth Night webtoon 십이야 6 웹툰

Isn’t it stunning? I love the silver foiling where it says 십이야 6, it’s so shiny, and the rest of the cover is made of matte paper which feels wonderful when you run your fingers over it.

To be honest it was pretty cheap when you consider how much ink went into each of these manhwa, with over 350 color pages. They are printed on glossy paper so each weighs almost 2lbs (almost 1kg).

You will find out why the weight is important in a moment.

It is equally beautiful inside. Set in an imaginary world, very similar to Korean Joseon dynasty period, it is full of colorful Hanboks and royal intrigue.

Won Lee King JinWon character Twelfth Night with his mother dowager queen 이원 진원왕 십이야

All the trouble was worth it in the end, right?

Not so fast.

I only managed to get volumes 5, 6, and 7. I’m fine with not having 1, 2, 3, 4 as I’ve already read those online, on Spottoon. What I’m not fine with is missing the freaking last volume, volume 8.

Twelfth Night volumes 5, 6, and 7 printed book manhwa 십이야 5, 6, 7

They were so heavy I couldn’t have them shipped all at once and the seller who sold them to me has since disappeared.

After all this I am still unable to read the ending.

Not that I understand anything anyway. It’s a historical webtoon so my usual 10% of comprehension of written Korean falls down to 1%.

I have a Memrise course filling up with words from Twelfth Night I don’t know. I’m only on page 10 and already have over 100 entries in Memrise (did I mention each has over 350 pages?). I have notes scattered everywhere. So many onomatopoeia and mimetic words. I even read about Korean language used in historical Kdramas to get more familiar with all these archaic Korean expressions and verb endings.

But it’s a slow process for someone at my level of Korean.

“Your majesty, dowager queen requests your presence at the bridal selection which will be held tomorrow evening (insert random Hanja here), and this here are official documents which will be discussed with ministers…”

Sometimes I think I just don’t know how to take a hint.


What, there’s a new webtoon by muryu!? I have to go read it! Bye!

[1] Webtoon (웹툰) is South Korean online comic.

[2] Manhwa (만화) is simply Korean word for “comic”, however in English language manhwa came to mean specifically Korean comics. 


P.S. If you have read Twelfth Night leave a comment below. I’m curious if you liked it. I still haven’t read it to the end, so please no spoilers :)

30 thoughts on “My favorite webtoon and my misery”

  1. hello just discovered this gem and I understand you, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. Now i’m closer to the end, I pause it cause I dont want it to be ended. So many losses and drama for my kokoro. But what a great story with intertwined fates.

  2. I read Twelve Nights 3-4 years ago in an app on my tab but sadly I think the scanlation site stopped scanlating the said webtoon. Months after that I’ve tried searching on Google but I didn’t find any and I can’t read Hangul 😣
    Years after that, I realized I can’t just leave without knowing nothing how the webtoon ends (read somewhere that it was completed and you can read for free but I didn’t got the chance). I somehow end up reading the “spoiler” but I’m not sure if it’s true or not. Anyways, I would really love to read Twelve Nights in English. I don’t care if it’s done by scanlation sites 😭

    P. S. I love the book 😍💙💜

  3. Aw, now you’re making me want to read the webtoon. I can totally relate with reading webtoons in Korean. I read some series with no official translation yet and my reading is slower than a snail. Lol. That dedication and effort of yours, though. XD.

  4. After reading your blog post I am speechless about how similar our experiences were, I too desperately searched for a way to find more episodes of this webtoon, but every path lead to a dead end. Now here I am, 4 years later with a sliver of hope that someone out there had uploaded the rest of the webtoon, but my hope was crushed after hours of searching. I think I will never get over this webtoon because of how attached I was to it at the beginning and how we met a tragic end.

  5. The books look totally amazing. I really loved it. I can just feel the texture of the book cover here. I wish there’s Eng translation. I have only read up to ch 53 and man was I crushed. This is going to scar me for life. :’\ I can’t read Korean either so buying the books wouldn’t do me good i think, but I’ll reconsider. Thank you for infoming. It was nice to see this after hours of searching for the next chap in every website and in FB. I really really love TwelfthNight.
    Reasons i like:
    The illustrations are making me go crazy. The plot too.
    I don’t usually speak ill of female MCs but I both admire and hate her stubborness abt the emperor. And she is drawn so beautiful as well. She’s trying too hard to earn the Emperor’s love, it makes me sad. I’m glad she’s very helpful though. She’s drawn very beautifully as well. Love her hair and eyes. Just perfect. Not too girly and not too boyish.
    Dang I love MC a lottt. Love his beautiful eyes. I LOVE love Nari’s loyalty to girl MC…ALL SCENES but especially when she found out tht the Emperor loved Nari. That part when Nari did not hesitate to check her omggggg. Also when his heart broke when he found out her crush was supposed to be him all along. Gahhh I jux love him to death. If only he was real. :’) I’d gobble him up. He has so many good characteristics as well and how he doesn’t give a damn about the emperor but only his apple of his eye. This is called loyalty. And loyalty is just so sexy. <3
    As for the Emperor, sometimes I pity him because he never received love and sometimes I despise him for being too obsessed because of what he can't have. And sometimes I want him to like girl MC(the part where I like to think he could have had feelings for her in the forest where they were injured) but sometimes i don't because he's so rude and I want to smack the girl because DAMNN choose someone else. I still don't know whether I like him or not.
    Sorry for babbling too much. I just finished reading it now and I've just got so many things to say. Once again, thank you for creating this page. I don't really have manga-obsessed friends here so I'm lonely keeping this amazing feeling to myself… Can chat with me on FB acc Liviee. Anyone. Haha bye

    1. No worries, when I learn Korean in 20 to 30 years I will tell you how it ends 😉

      I agree about the illustrations and the plot.

      The girl is definitely too stubborn about her crush but I think that’s normal at such a young age. And the Emperor is such a great character, but ever since he randomly sliced the head off his servant I realized he’s irredeemable. Makes me really sad because I liked his character so much.

      I bet it’s going to be a tragic ending. I like happy endings. And yet I’m going through all this trouble to have my heart crushed.

      You’re not babbling too much, I enjoyed reading your comment. It just takes me a long time to reply because of my illness. I can process small chunks of text but when it’s longer I get lost. Not your fault at all.

      I don’t read manga because it’s difficult to understand in the picture what’s going on when it’s black and white but I read a lot of color Korean webtoons. I tell myself that reading Korean webtoons in English will help me learn Korean ;)

  6. I was looking for the next chapters as i read this through manga sites, i’ve been looking everywhere for a site with english trans, saw that egs scans dropped it ㅠㅠ (probably bc of copyright issues) seeing your post right now, i think i have no choice but buy the book and learn korean as well :'(

    If there are words which i won’t be able to understand, will it be alright to ask you about it? :)

    1. Oh hey guys! Have you noticed the Mangadex page for this webtoon? They are releasing chapters like crazy. Since we’ve all read up to chapt 53 (i.e vol 3, chapt 9)…. Yep, I can confirm there are more chapters than that already out. 😁
      I’m not sure how long they might stay up… So better hurry and catch up! Me? I’ll probably start again from the beginning since I read it YEARS ago and don’t remember much except how much I loved it 😋

  7. Haha… I googled updates on Twelve Nights because I was suddenly missing it and found your blog. Ah… I feel defeated in face of your stubborn quest for closure. I read this webtoon years ago and really really liked it.

    Its case is kinda similar to Black Haze. Have you read it? It’s gorgeous and hilarious and easily on the top of my webtoon favourites. I just hope that it doesn’t end up being a forever incomplete story… ╥﹏╥

      1. Oh when I said it’s similar, I was referring to how they stopped publishing online. Atleast Twelve Nights seems to have completed, can’t say the same for Black Haze.
        Still, I do hope you give it a go. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.
        Also, speaking of webtoons do you follow 19 days and Tamen De Gushi?

  8. I have like ten minutes around this blog and already love it! savage question: where did you buy the printed version?

    1. Thank you, that makes me so happy :D

      Haha, that really is a savage question T.T

      I easily found them in every major Korean bookstore through Naver 쇼핑 search, but none of them ship outside of Korea.

      Then I had to contact ebay sellers one by one to find someone who was willing to make a listing and wasn’t trying to rip me off. They cost about $10 each in Korea, but suddenly I get a special price of $30 or $40 per comic from ebay sellers :)

      I did find a good seller in the end and bought from them twice but the third time, when I was trying to buy the final volume, they stopped replying. I have no idea why, I was very polite and always paid them right away what they asked.

      1. You know, you could have easily used KoreanBuddy or Korgou. I’ve tried them and they’re really good.

  9. Oh goodness! Brilliant! Honestly, what better way to immerse yourself – though historical and that … that is a bit more rough. But I bet in the end you are going to have so much better understanding than when you started. SO much more. ^.^

    Maybe I need to do something like that. O.O

  10. Hello Luna!

    I am so happy to find your blog! I was directed to it by Pinterest of all places lol…this was the first article I read and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. :) Haha the whole situation is very similar to what I have gone through…:D

    As part of my slow process in learning Korean, I have added reading Korean webtoons to my study list as well and it was surprising the progress I made in a few days! For sure my new favorite way to encounter new vocabulary. :D

  11. I’m just glad you dedicated a post to a book that isn’t a textbook. I’m sure you’ll go back to this webtoon after a year etc and notice vast improvements in your korean. It’s convenient to have something to measure your korean ability . I personally hate how heavy korean books are. It’s because I easily draw comparisons with Japanese books which are never as heavy korean ones. I wonder if the paper they use in korean books are higher quality or lower quality compared to American or Japanese books

    I mentioned a korean book i tried reading early in my learning days in his entry

    1. That’s actually what my next post will be about! I already wrote it weeks ago but couldn’t post it because of health issues.

      The other webtoon I mention in the end of this post, it’s called 어쩌다 발견한 7월. I forced myself to read it all the way through, even though I couldn’t understand it. I was surprised how noticable my progress was in just 3 days! Not regarding vocabulary and grammar, of course… I will explain everything next time.

      I do have vocabulary and grammar points compiled for it and ready to post, I just need to format it and tag it, so it should be published soon.

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