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“Sungkyun Korean 1” Textbook First Impression

This is my first impression of 288 page Korean language textbook Sungkyun Korean 1 Vocabulary • Grammar which, as I mentioned in the previous post, I ordered for the most ridiculous reason. After I have used it for a while I will write a full review. UPDATE: I am finished with the textbook and have… Continue reading “Sungkyun Korean 1” Textbook First Impression

Sungkyunkwan campus Korean textbook for foreigners
Self studying Korean

I ordered new Korean textbook for beginners

I ordered a new Korean textbook. Based my choice on nothing other than the picture on the cover. I think this is the first time I bought something without researching it first. I'm usually petrified I'll make the wrong choice, but I also enjoy the process of choosing. Those two factors are reasons why I… Continue reading I ordered new Korean textbook for beginners